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Embarassingly unfunny, dull, weak dialogue, poor use of sprites and you'll still responding to reviews after all these years...
I wouldn't be suprised if you've been voting 5 on your own movie every day since submission. Probably with multiple accounts...

Emptygoddess responds:

Nope. But if you really hate it, feel free to vote it zero every day on multiple accounts. It'll get lower soon enough.


I actually disagree with the guy below, I think episode 7 is by far the best because its narrative is far more creative than any of the others. Also, when the action finally came it was well built up unlike just constant action the whole way through.

This episode is still brilliant though, your general story telling skills and structure are some of the best on this site. Please don't stop making them, even in my early 20s I still really enjoy watching these.


Your animation skills are just absolutely outstanding. You've also not made the same mistake the Madness series has by making the enemies just "wait" for the hero to kill them. Every bunny shoots to kill and you've kept the fights simple and realistic without any desperate addons in order to keep it fun. In fact I'm incredibly impressed you havn't fallen for the same mistakes as Krinkels. There was so much effort put into this and it was just consistent the entire way through, the only thing I'd possibly add to this series is continuing narrative so that it is actually leading somewhere. Absolutely brilliant piece of work (I hardly ever give out 10's).

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I have to agree with some of the others. Whilst the game itself has good graphics, a nice theme and an excellent amount of effort put into it, it's not the most fun thing in the world...
The gameplay is incredably basic and for that reason quickly becomes tedious and unchallenging. I liked the smooth movement of the fox and falling from great heights, but this was perhaps the highlight when compared to the game itself. It's not a bad game, in fact for a child's game it's very well made. However, it is certainly not "outstanding" and I feel there are far better games on this site. You should be very proud of it though and I admit I'm definitely being biased because of its massive score. Well done though.


I always liked adventures games like this as a kid, I loved Kings Quest and Space Quest. I think it's great that you're creating games of this genre, my main problem though is that I don't really like the general theme of your games.
I just didn't really warm to the characters or story lines at all. It was great that I was breaking into a base in this, but why would I want to be a green skull looking alien thing? I didn't like that aspect at all.
Again in Reemus, the characters are more likeable but they could be a lot better. Liam is a good character (a bit like Cedric the owl from KQ), but Reemus is just ugly and annoying if I can put it like that lol.
The other aspect which fails are the stories. Killing the world of bugs doesn't make you feel very heroic, helping a hacking worm doesn't feel great either lol.

I give you these points not to bash your work, but to show you which areas I think you need to work on in order to really making something people could love and become obsessed with. You are already full of talent, improve your characters and improve your story and you'll be producing brilliant games. :)


How are you not bored?
You have not pushed yourself at all since you started making these, they have barely improved, they are just the same thing in a different situation with a slightly different looking girl. Change the interaction, think of some completely new way. You draw well, so make better use of it.

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Not bad but I've no idea how you could put this anywhere near #1.

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